Sunday, January 15, 2017

YO safari

 our guide feeding cookies
 Carrisa the giraffe
 coming for cookies
 eating cookies
 and kissing
on the tour

New Years 2016

 at the Coming King Praying Garden in Kerrville, TX
the nails of Jesus
 Fisher of Men
The Cross
 The Cross & the Coming Christ

 prayer rocks
Ty's prayer rock...AMEN!!

Christmas Morn 2016

 Oh MY...look what Santa brought me!
 A drone!!!
 Ty & his dog, Harley
Matching PJ's for Christmas
This year personalized stripes!


 Cookies with Grandma Grace~2016
A family tradition
 adding sprinkles
finished cookies for Santa


 Lil' Jess delivers each year...
(reindeer dust)
 opening 12 days of Christmas
personlized pillow case
jelly beans StarWars


 Christmas Piano Recital~ 2016
 Bow-tie and all that jazz
Ty playing his StarWars theme piece.


 Halloween 2016~ Kilo Ren
 front porch
trick or treating
lots of folks thought Ty
was Darth Vador