Friday, July 31, 2009

Dancin' Bear

Ty is always dancing infront of the TV set each morning. He is like a lil' Dancin' Bear. It's so cute & sweet. He really has got the moves.

Thank You!!!

I want to thank my Mama & Dad for celebrating in such a big way for me. It was great to turn the Big #1. I really liked the gator theme and can't wait until next year's theme. Thank You!!!!

Pre-party gift

Grammie sent this Bunny Color Book for me. I had it open before the party began. It was fun!


The day of my birthday, July 3, 2009... we broke the record for the heat index. Here is proof on the digital screen!!!! YIKS!!! It sure was a heatwave that day.

My Birthday Suit

Me & My Birthday Suit...

I'm ALL Naked here!!!!!!

I don't do mornings!!

My Dada took these pictures of me when I first woke up on my first birthday. I really don't do mornings very well. I was sound asleep when they placed this first birthday hat on my head.



Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Celebrating at Outback Steak house on July 4th... Dad placed a wet wipe on my head. He is so silly!!!

Mommy Kisses

I love my Mommy!!! Mama is always trying to steal some sweet kisses from me.
I love you, Mama!

Cake Face, Meet Gator Face

Grammie & Granddad from NC sent this puppet Gator that was the hit of the party. Sure wish they had been here. The puppet was the hit of the party and all the kiddos love Mr. Gator!!!

#1 Birthday Cake

I was shy and timid at first when everyone was singing "Happy Birthday" to me. I was wearing my first birthday hat from Aunt Kathy. It was so sweet of her. I began touching the cake & then all of a sudden, Dad pushed it in my face. It was all yummy by this time. And I was having a blast!!!

Gator Cake

I had a Gator CupCake cake & #1 cake for my first birthday cake. It was such a cool idea by my Mama. The cake was made by the Cake Shoppe here in San Antonio. It was so yummy and everyone was commenting on the way the cupcakes were shaped like an alligator. Way Cool, Mama!!!

Swimming with My Gator

I'm here swimming with my gator in the backyard. It was fun playing ball and getting in and out of the pool. I'm in there with Sydney & Mia- the girls!!! Sydney's dad, Chris, showed a helping hand with gator.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Gator Chomp

After Dad had cooked his famous Crab Boil for my 1st birthday party, he lead everyone in a Gator chomp... everyone was givin' it a try... CHOMP CHOMP

My 1st Balloon

This was my very first balloon. I finally noticed that it was attached to my hi-chair. I finally grabbed it & got it. Yippee!!!

It's My Party

Hey, it's my party.... just a little wave to everyone there!!

Stuck on You

I sure liked this sticker found on one of my gift bags. It is stuck on me... I love it though!!

I Can Do It!!!

I had fun opening up my present by myself. With some parent assistance, I was able to open this tug-boat from my Grandma Grace. It will go in my tub in the evenings when I bathe. I'm so excited about my toy tug-boat... toot, toot!!!

New Threads

I got new outfits from Grammie and my Aunt Pat. Grammie from NC sent me a 4th of July outfit. Aunt Pat gave me a dinosaur t-shirt which was way cool. I'm trying real hard to hold on to the dinosaur's tail stuff animal that was included with the gift.