Thursday, December 26, 2013

Year End Review 2013

 Piano Recital Graduate 2013
Music Arts Center of San Antonio
Brenda Boyd, Ty's Pre-School Piano Teacher for the last 2 Years.
He played Deck the Halls, a Christmas Song for the November Recital.
It was held at Steinway Music Gallery.
 Family Vacation during Thanksgiving at
the Wolf Lodge, an indoors Water Park.
The temp always 84 degrees!
 Cutting the Christmas Tree 2013
at the Pipe Creeks Christmas Tree Farm.
This year "Plantee" was 8 feet tall.
Ty likes to name the tree each year....
not sure where the name "Plantee" came from.
He has a vivid imagination!
Matching Christmas PJ's
This year Navy Snowflakes!
Merry Christmas 2013!