Saturday, November 15, 2008

Just a swingin'

My dad added my swing to the back yard tree. I love swinging in the afternoons there. You know how warm Texas can be. On Sunday, it was 80 degrees.

My High Chair

My Eddie Bauer High Chair finally arrived. It had been back ordered since May. The company finally had to send me a brand new chair. This one matches the kitchen table perfectly. How neat is that!

Troubadour, My Teddy Bear

Meet my Teddy Bear- Troubadour. Mom & Dad named it after the new George Strait #1 country hit song. Mom made it for me from Build-a-Bear Inc. She added a push button inside of teddy that says "Mommy & Daddy, Love you- Ty" How sweet is that! That's me squeezing his front paw & listening to the personal message from my parents. I added the hat & shoes from a gift from my Grammie Linda from NC for Halloween. I thought teddy would like them since the holiday had past.

All ready for bed

I'm ready for bed now. I've just had an infant massage from mom & I'm in my pj's. I'm getting very long. I'm over 26 inches long now. I'm wearing 6-9 months pj's.

Bath Time- "No Girls Allowed"

I'm making a splash in the tub with daddy---"NO GIRLS ALLOWED" expect mommy taking the picture with daddy this evening. My dad always says "NO GIRLS ALLOWED" when we are bathing. I'm getting so big now that I don't need much assistance with my sitting alone be myself in the tub. I like my bath time & relaxing & playing with my toys.

Sweet Potatoe Pie

Mmmmm! Sweet Potatoe Pie! That's a spoonful of rice + sweet potatoes = sweet potatoe pie! These are a few of my very first foods. I'm trying out my spoon for the first time. I'm doing a great job with mom & dad's helping hands. I like my first foods! Mmmm Mmmm GOOD!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


My Grandma Grace made a visit with her very best friend from New Mexico. Her name is Louise. I kinda nicknamed her GA for sweet as Georgia peach. She liked playing with me and made "click-clack" sounds which made me giggle.

My BackYard

I love my backyard in the late afternoons to chill out. I usually glide with my mom on the gliders because that's all I can do now. My dad has promised me to hang a swing in the trees, so I'm waiting for that very soon. See how happy I am outside in the backyard!!!

Are you ready for some FootBall??

Are you ready for some football? I am!!! I love watching the football games with my dad. He bought me a Hook'em Horns Football from the University of Texas. He has season tickets with UT. One day, I get to go to the ball games when I'm bigger boy.