Friday, April 24, 2015

Haircuts for Jaden

Ty was involved in
Haircuts for Jaden!
Jaden is a first grader at CCS.
He has a rare form of
Leukemia that he beat in K4 but
now it's back once again.
He had an event that ALL
proceeds went for Jaden's upcoming treatments!
Jaden, we are praying for you!

My Boy!

My Boy!
Enough said!

Spring Recital

Ty played "Scooby Doo" in the
Spring Recital held at
Musical Arts Center of San Antonio.
Here he is with his piano teacher:
Ms. Victoria Folks.

Bunny Hunt

 Due to Ty having a serious case of Strep Throat,
Bunny Hunt of 2015 was moved inside
our newly remodeled home.
 Bunny placed the 55 eggs on the piano
and other friendly places in the house.
 Grammie send him some pirate
Easter eggs to open this year.
What a treat for his Minon basket!
 Ty found the Golden Egg.
See below for his surprise...
Ty is really into gaming.
One more 3DS game.
It's Fossils & Dinos!
His favorites!!


 Ty chose #10 for Baseball this year.
He is playing for the YMCA.
His team is the Cornerstone Cardinals.
Red & Black are the colors of the uniforms this season!
 Throwing the ball during warm-ups.
 Ready to be called to bat.
He's really focused on the game.
Strike O-N-E!
Great swing!
All swings at bat count.
No more T-ball.
ALL coach pitched!