Saturday, July 26, 2008

Grandma Grace from Corpus Christi

Wow, we have matching outfits! I sure look handsome in blue.

Meet my birthmom Shauna

From left to right: Glenn, Dyna, Nicki, Shauna, Lori, Ty, Jeremy, Caden. This is my birthhistory. I have a wonderful extended family. They love me lots!!

MiMi came to visit from NC

MiMi aka Grandma from NC (Dyna's mom) came for a short visit to TX. She really fell in love with me.


Look what my Grammie Linda & Grandaddy Larry sent to me from NC. This is where I do all my exercises. I love my boppy pillow the best & like to gaze at the butterfly up top.

Stork came by

Glenn had vintage baby blocks with Ty's personalized name at the tip top. We had lots of visitors stop by just to say "hi" to our lil' boy. We kept the heart as a keepsake memory.

72 hour + wait for Ty

New daddy Glenn is tired. But, Ty you were worth the wait in gold. Daddy loves you very much!!

Ty at Home

Ty in mommy's arms. We had him dressed in a Gator outfit. We still are looking for the vintage book Lyle, Lyle Crocodile.

Ty 2 days old

Dyna feeding Ty for the first time. He is such an Angel.

Ty 1 day old

Ty was born at St. Luke Baptist Hospital. This pictures was taken July 4th!

Our Son Ty



Ty's birthday is 7-3-08. He weighed 7lbs. & 6oz. He was 20in. long. He has big eyes and dark hair and big feet. He was placed in our home 7-7-08 through an open adoption with Abrazo Adoption Associates.

Our journey begins 5 years ago, we decided it was time to begin our family. We thought it would be easy. Boy were we wrong!! After 7 ARTS (artificial insemination treatments) & 2 leading infertility doctors, and corrective male factor surgery, we still were unsuccessful to conceive on our own or with the help with science or the latest technology, we moved towards adoption plans.

We attended an Abrazo Parent Orientation Weekend January 25-26, 2008. We turned in our application process in February and within the next 3 weeks we were receiving calls from potential birth mothers. We decided that an open adoption was the route we wanted to choose for our family. We received a call from a birth mom at the end of February. Her name is Shauna which means Gift from God.

Ty was born 4 months later.