Thursday, April 30, 2009

Look at all those gifts

I had a table full of gifts.... I could not believe my eyes. Now, mama has to write all those personal "thank you" notes. I'm so glad it's not me.... I received books, puzzles, monies, gift cards, buckets, toys, frames, & much much more!!! Thanks for your kindness!!!


A few of my guest held me at the party.... Roger (Dad's co-worker) & the Barerra's (he's the Assistant DA for San Antonio) He wants to teach me to play baseball. His son is playing college baseball this year. I think, I have a ways to go with that game plan.

Alamo Cafe Adoption Party

Alamo Cafe hosted my adoption party. We had so many friends there that I lost count. Mama & Dad said there were well over 75 people there. What a blessing to see how many people prayed for me over 5 years for my parents to become "parents".... God really poured out the gifts as well. What an amazing God we serve!!!!

Krispy Kreme Doughnut Cake

For my Adoption Party, mama ordered my a Krispy Kreme Doughnut Cake. It was pilled high with 5 dozen doughnuts: choc & blue....yummy!!! The table was dressed with all my baby pictures and personalized napkins. I feel very blessed to be adopted!!!

Introducing Larry Glenn Jones, III

Introducing Larry Glenn Jones, III- Ty Jones!!!
We are a forever family. Yipee!!! Jack Efron called me Larry the entire time during the court process. We had a great big laugh about that one. Judge Nellermoe was happy and so was all my family that joined in the finalization at the court house. I'm forever thankful for my mama & daddy! God is SO SO Good to me all the time!

Attorney Jack Efron

Now, it's Jack Efron turn in asking lots of questions to determine if we are final. I'm getting tired. I'm sure it won't be long now.

Judge Barbara Nellermoe

Judge Barbara Nellermoe reviewing my adoption paperwork. She is asking us lots of questions to my parents. They answer "yes" to all her questions and answers. Like: Did we have home study done by a social worker in the San Antonio area? She is giving it her final approval for us to be a family. YES!!!

Mama Signing My Adoption Papers

Here I am with mama and Jack Efron, my adoption attorney, for my finalization paper work. Mama is signing for me to become a forever family.

Waiting some more!!!

As we wait some more in the court house hall way, I'm passing the time with my family: MiMi, Aunt Charlene, and mama & dad. I had a Snoopy Cell phone to entertain me as the time passes.

Waiting at the Court House

Waiting at the court house hall way... to be called next infront of the Judge for my finalization day of my adoption.

Big Tub

I'm in the Big Tub now. I'm love it. I crawl to the bath area when I heard my water being drawn. It is so fun to play with all my fun toys there. Scrub Scrub!!!


The Easter Bunny delivers a big ol' sandbox to my backyard. I'm liking the sand and all the toys found inside the "turtle sandbox"..... Easter Bunny you did great!!!

Beautiful Baby Boy

Mama & Dad love this picture. They took a copy of this one to my adoption finalization party. I'm one beautiful baby boy!!!

Easter Lily

My first Easter lily in mama's yard. I was sitting on the side of the brick landscape and there it was a lily to look at. I think they are very pretty.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


My first visit to Corpus to see my Grandma Grace. Between the dog (whose name is Seabreeze) & I-- I think, I'm winning. Seabreeze could not figure me out. So, Seabreeze had to be held while I'm holding on.

Two Teeth

Still teething and biting anything I can get my hands on. My bottom two front teeth are coming in. Finally!


I'm moving about real fast now. I love to explore the floor.

Makin' Music

Shake, Shake, Shake, the rattle... makin' music!

Eye to Eye

Everybody thinks that I look like my mama. Here we are eye to eye. Look at our profiles, I think, some people may be right. God is so good!

My Aunt Thelma

This is my first visit with my Aunt Thelma. She is excited to visit with me. I think I made her day.