Sunday, December 28, 2008

Splish-Splash...I'm Takin' a Bath

Splish-Splash...I'm takin' a BATH! I'm kicking the water now and love all my water toys.

First Foods

I've started first foods which include: sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, apples, bananas, pears, peaches, & apple sauce. My top 3 are the following: sweet potatoes, bananas, & apples.

Grandma Grace Christmas Morning

I'm opening up my present that Grandma Grace gave me. It's 3 sets of new PJ's and their sizes are 9 months old....I'm that long in clothes now.

Close to my Mama's Heart

I'm close to my Mama's HEART during my night time feeding. This is a real bonding time with me. She puts me to bed every night and prays over me.

Dad's got the whole world in his hands...

Dad's got the whole world in his hands...that's ME--TY!!! We were wearing our matching PJ's. Don't we look sharp during my feeding time.

Matching-Family Christmas PJ's

We decided to start a tradition within our family since Ty came along....Matching Family PJ's + dogs which are the fury-babies in the family household. They were red-snowflake pattern PJ's. It was fun trying to get the dogs to pose with matching scarfs.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Look 2 Hands

Well, I'm getting to be big boy now. I'm holding my bottle by myself with my very own 2 hands.

Abrazo Christmas with San Antonio Crowd

This was a nice local gathering. Nico & his dad JC; Amanda & her mom Karen holding baby Sydney; Chris holding his girl Sydney; Me- TY JONES; & the whole gang that came out to eat at Alamo Cafe. We brought goodies to stuff the stockin' for Abrazo Adoption Agency. It was fun sharing adoption stories & meeting.

My Plane Ride Home to Texas

I'm getting ready to get on the plane. The airline let me use my infant carrier on the leg back to Texas. It was nice just sitting and chillin' out as I rode in the clouds back home.

Strike a Pose

I'm striking a pose with my Granddaddy by the fireplace; and, then a mirrored- reflection pictured with my Grammie while my dad is taking the picture with his camcorder. Very Cool!

Granddaddy & Santa

Here I am with my Granddaddy & Santa. I don't know who Santa really is right now. I guess, I'm just too young. But, I'm trying to figure it out. I'm checkin' everyone out though, even my Granddaddy.

My Christmas Stockin'

My Christmas stockin' was musical. I love music. This stockin' was a doggy that had flip-floppy ears that move up & down to the music. Grammie loved showing it to me and giggling.

PaPa & NanaNa Jan

Here is my Papa & NanaNa Jan checkin' me out before I leave from my NC visit. We had just had a very big lunch at Wilber's BBQ, that's where my dad worked when he was in high school.

Grammie Linda rockin' me to sleep

Grammie Linda rocked me to sleep one evening. She gave me a sweet kiss and said goodnight.

I Love My Granddad!

I love my Granddad! He is really special. We were hanging out here just talking and smiling with one another.

Bouncin' & Teethin'

I'm at MiMi's house in NC. She had me a new bouncer and it played music everytime you kicked it. I also am teething; therefore, a lot of "hand in mouth" play while sittin' n bouncin'.

Grammie Linda & Granddaddy Larry

This was my first time meeting Grammie Linda & Granddaddy Larry from NC. I'd been traveling all day by plane. My Granddaddy Larry sent me home for the holidays. It was great to meet them. They were very excited to see me. I'm really checking Granddaddy out.

My Thanksgiving Trip

It was my parents wedding anniversary. We stayed in Fredericksburg, TX- Hill Country. It was a log cabin and it was really nice. However, I kinda had "cabin fever" --no really... My temp got up to 102.8 degrees. My parents called the doctor due to my upset tummy problems... my dad renamed my virus to the "gobble wobble."