Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday, May 10, 2013


Pirate Pre-show----FIRE!!!!
Pirate gear----Eye-patch!!!!
Part of the Crew----Aaaaarrrrr!!!!
Official Pirate----April 27th, 2013!!!!
{same day we became an official family 4 years ago}
Pirate face!!!


Welcome to South Padre Island!
On the Beach...
Sand Surfing!
Diggin' for shells!
Me & Dad Catchin' the Ocean-waves!

Number #8

~ I'm Number #8 ~
Rounding 1st base
Go Ty Go!
Heading to 2nd base!
Ready & Waiting...
Watching for the ball...
Coach T usually plays me between 1st & 2nd base!
I think, I'd be a good Short-stop!
Heading Home!
Go Yankees!

Fiesta 2013

Fiesta Floats!
Waiting for the parade!
My Sponge Bob Float!
Standing in front of the Pinata!
{Genesis' mom made it homemade}