Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ty's swim bag

How do you like my extra large swim bag that my parents got me this week? It was soooo big that they could actually put me inside the bag. Dad & I have lots of beach towels, extra set(s) of dry clothes, swimming trunks, you name it- even the kitchen sink... just kiddin' if you can't find me in the pool... I'll be inside my big RED bag!!! Hehehehe!!! Love to Swim!!! Make a big Splash!

'Love-to-Swim' Lessons

My dad is taking me to swim lessons at Love-to-Swim. This is my pool area where I practice sliding, floating, swimming strokes, reaching for pool side, getting on deck of pool side, and bobbling in the water. I'm the youngest in my swim class. I take classes every Saturday until May 2009. I'm really a fish in the water.

I have the cutest lil' "baby" face


Stuckin' my thumb

When I don't have my binkie in my mouth, you will catch me every once in awhile suckin' my thumb.... if you look really close you will see I'm trying to cut some lower teeth real soon.

40 oz jug of milk

Here I am looking & reaching for my jug of milk formula that my dad personally makes for me every single morning. I drink this whole jug in 1 DAY!!! Wow!!! That's a whole lot for a growing boy like me. I'm 17.2 lbs. & 27 in. long at my most recent 6 month pedi-report.

Me & My Mt. Dew

As you know, my dad loves Mt. Dew soda. I kept looking at that plastic bottle of his and could not resist to hold his soda pop. I'm way to young for soda. But, I really got the idea of how to hold the soda pop. I'll save this drink until I'm a teenager or so....that's when I'll "dew" it

Going Bananas

As you can see, I love my monkey named Gus. Not only do I love sucking on his banana but his big toe taste pretty good as well. Gotta split ..... like banana out of here... see ya next time!! Bye for now!!

My Very First Sports Car

My dad bought me my very first sports car. It's candy apple red. It has a horn that beeps and plays songs. It is a really cool walker for a kid like me. I usually just stand in it and go zero mph. Beep Beep....gotta go!!!

Monkey Jones

My Aunt Pat gave me my very first monkey stuff animals. Meet Gus, the Monkey. Within seconds of meeting him, I put the monkey's binkie in my mouth and then his banana. It was so funny because I began sucking the binkie and then the monkey's banana. It sure was funny!!