Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Matching PJ's 2011

We chose Christmas Plaid for PJ's this year!

Christmas Day 2011

Trucks Zoom!
Dinosaur Roar!
Got Batteries?
Motorcycle Big Wheels!

Christmas Eve 2011

Ty in front of the Christmas Tree.
He named it "Patty"
We figured it was like peppermint patty!

Monday, December 19, 2011

6 More Days Until Santa

Santa Mini-BookBag
(from Grammie & he wore it all day long)

7 More Days Until Santa

4 New ToothBrushes

8 More Days Until Santa

Natavity Ducky Set

9 More Days Until Santa

Woody Puzzle

10 More Days Until Santa

Matchbox Car

11 More Days Until Santa

Giraffe Toothbrush Holder

12 More Days Until Santa

Santa Mug from Grammie
(not very happy with gift)

12 Days of Christmas

Well, we started a new tradition at Christmas time. The 12 Days of Christmas....where Ty will get a gift (small) ie. stockin' stuffer each day. I created an advent calendar using some scrapbooking tags and Ty takes one off counting the days down to Santa. Here is the red tree with all his 12 goodies.

Oh Christmas Tree 2011

Christmas Tree 2011


Ty's first skate party! It was a classmate~Miss Sarah! She heart's Ty. It was a Hello Kitty party and her mom insisted that she'd be very crushed if Ty wouldn't be there. Seriously, does it start this early?