Wednesday, October 7, 2009


My best friend, the dog, Harley!

Tiny Bubbles

I have a bubble machine. It creates these awesome bubbles. Here I am enjoying those tiny bubbles. I even know the word bubbles in sign language.


I'm all Bright-Eyed!!! I have a winning smile too!!!

Spider Walk

I'm at the pool practicing my spider walk along side of the pool. Also, in mid-waters, as well....
how COOL is that you guys!!!

Fall Festival

We had an early Fall Festival at our church this year. The weather was good and I'm here getting ready to go in. Hola!!!

Grandma in Action

Grandma Grace came for a visit. She read books to me, gave me juice, & did flash cards with me.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ready to Swim

Now that I'm walking, I can play at the swimming pool before I dip into water. Here I am playin' then on to swimmin'... & makin' a splash!!!

Walker Jones'

After 13 months, I'm FINALLY walking around my house.
It's wonderful!!!
My parents are so proud of me!!!

Slam Dunk

I have a basketball goal now. So, dad and I are set to play ball in the afternoons when he gets home from work. I'm slammin' it and passin' to dad. This game is really a lot of fun!!!!

My 1st HairCut

My first haircut was at Cool Cuts for Kids. I sat in a yellow buggy car and watch Veggie Tales video as Ms. Elma cut my hair. I did great for my first cut and enjoyed playing there as well. I purchased some kid cookie dough gel to set my hair. Dad really like this product for my hair in the mornings.

Thomas the Train

Thomas the Train set- well, I'm really liking it now. It was a family hand me down from my cousin Matthew. He had it when he was a small tike. Now, it's my turn. I like the train with alittle help from my dad.

Low Rider

I have a new low rider car. Me & my dad go collect the mail. I have a key to the mail box in my front engine and place the mail there as well. We ride around Woodridge Subdivision. It's been hot so only a few times around the block. We are waiting for cooler weather and no more 100 degrees heat wave. Toot toot... that's my horn by the way....

Swimmer Jones'

I really enjoy my Love To Swim class. I have a new teacher this session for the fall. I've been taking lessons since Jan 2009. I've really improved putting my face in the water and holding my breathe. Onward to blowing bubbles...


Finally, some sleep after a long day at camp 2009. See ya'll next year!!!

What Nap?

What nap at camp? No way, I may miss something very important. Dad had the magic when it came to my napping and sleeping.

Music by Stacy Gray

Here is our special music by Stacy Gray at camp.
She was awesome. I was trying to dance & move with the big boys & girls.

Brisket & the Band

We had brisket one night at camp down by the river. The brisket was tasty and the band... well, it was a one-man cowboy playing, but the kidos loved to dance to it.